This is a story of following one’s dreams

A story of never giving up and keeping on believing in a mission, of internal power and dedication. A story of inspiration and motivation, of creation and realization, of continuity and consistency. This is a story of the power in believing and being active, but also the power of nature in one’s pocket! The story of a path to creating a know-how guide to get you and keep you fit in the healthiest way!

Antonia Toshevska_2
Antonia Toshevska

Her story started 20 years ago in a University Investment class, where she diligently elaborated on a business concept to found her own fitness center. Antonia is a European, but it was in America that she realized her dream. She spent every day and every night for a year working in NY and NJ to manage to collect the investment needed for beginning her venture. “I am so grateful to this incredible, great country for giving me the opportunity to realize my dream! During my one and only day off in a year, I sat on a bench and watched the water’s surface glow, while staring at the Statue of Liberty. Besides being a symbol of freedom, for me it is also a symbol of the unlimited abilities a young person has when realizing a dream. I love my America!”. She keeps learning, teaching, creating, dreaming, inspiring and bringing her experience, ideas and know-how to life!

Oliver Toshevski

Oliver Toshevski_6

His story started 20 Years ago with the moment when he decided to leave his professional Soccer career to obey his everyday life ambition of fitness, bodybuilding, health nutrition and macrobiotics. Oliver is a businessman, an Innovator and Ideas Generator, a president of the INBA – International Natural Bodybuilding Association in Macedonia, International Bodybuilding Judge and Coach, Nutritionist, Consultant, Associate owner of Fitness centers, Manager of Get in Shape Ltd, Executive Director of Good Solutions & Logistics GmbH, CEO and Co-founder of TM Group International.

It all really began when they, Oliver and Antonia got married and united their dreams! They started their own organic food product line under the name “know-how GET IN SHAPE”. They accomplished to manage Family, Fitness centers, SPA Center, Sports retail, Health restaurants & garden, Health bars, Organic retail, Warehouse for Fitness equipment Trade and distribution. Their life together is full of creativity and involvement, they are fully committed to living their values through Coaching, Innovations and know-how in the field of Fitness, Private trademarks, Participation in multiple programs of supporting the Healthy Lifestyle, Seminars, Workshops, Educational programs, Training programs on the topic of Optimal nutrition, healthy eating and healthy living habits of  adolescents; honored with an Award for merit and appreciation for outstanding contributions to the development of fitness sciences by C.O.R.F.I.T. (Continental Organization of Registered Fitness Instructors and Trainers).

In 2015 the Austrian company Good Solutions and Logistics GmbH was founded as a head office in the heart of Europe, giving a fast access of the products from this stage to all European countries. The “Get in Shape” products have been presented at some of the biggest Organic Fairs in Austria and Europe.

Vasil Mollov_6
Vassil Mollov


The story continues in the USA – After reuniting with a respected classmate with whom they had studied in Europe. Many ideas were exchanged and together their collaboration found definition. This is Vassil. He has a wide range of rich experience in American business, economic, legal and administrative fields and resides in California. The three became business partners and made an alliance determined to make a difference and turn it into a great success. They share the same beliefs and habits for a healthy lifestyle and are motivated to work towards giving high quality living to others. They love the “know-how Get in Shape, RAW BARS” and believe that these are special products with a mission, great energy, positive vibrations and a bright future! TM Group International, Inc. was founded.