We believe that everyone deserves real food!

People’s bodies are tired of a couple of decades of chemically stuffed food, genetically modified poisoned with pesticides, artificial fertilizers and growth “promoters” raw materials incorporated into end food products further enriched with, colorants, preservatives, chemicals to make them more attractive, cheep and long lasting, but at the end a legally killing food. We people paid a high price for all these speculations. We paid with our health, with the loss of nature and many lives.

We are very happy that the last years things have been changing towards people becoming more and more awake and searching for a better quality of life! More and more companies are returning to “Fair play” within the food industry and this is what we find to be so great! Real, naturally organically grown raw materials, full of life, Whole in goodness, full of the sun, energy and positive vibrations are included in our ingredients and in our end products. This is what we support and what we are using to make our RAW BARS! This is what we believe is the most important part of what makes us more healthy, energized and positive. Being responsible and making conscious choices gives a good example to the next generation!

We do not share the statement that the healthy food is not delicious and that “Everything that is delicious is unhealthy.”

The “know-how Get in Shape Organic, Raw Bars” are some of the most delicious snacks or meal replacements; after workout recovery, for dessert or as an appetizer, which you could ever have! We tested many different recipes, changed many times our proportions, based on our thorough experience of Preparing nutrition programs and minding the optimal content of proteins, carbohydrates and good fats respectively in our Energy or High Protein Lines. Estimating the pleasure of eating till we received THE PERFECT PRODUCT! The “know-how GET IN SHAPE” products are made with responsibility, care, love and taste! They are your reliable partner to Get and Keep in Shape.  ENJOY AND PLEASE EAT WITHOUT GUILT!